Coffee, Tea or Me

The Thursday Threesome (from Cafe Writing)

Sometimes you need a good reason to write. Sometimes you start with something small and it gets you going on something bigger. Sometimes you just need a break from Real Life. And Cafe Writing is a good way to do it.

Come have a seat and chat a while. Coffee, tea or me?

Onesome- Coffee: Do you drink coffee? If so, do you ask for brewed or do you prefer the fancy espresso drinks? What’s your flavor?

Twosome- Tea: Do you drink tea? Hot or iced? Regular, herbal or flavored?

Threesome- Or Me? Ok, not really me! Seriously, what’s your favorite beverage? Alcoholic or non, healthy or not?

Onesome: I drink coffee in many shapes and forms. Lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, fresh brewed. It’s all good. I’ll even drink Dunkin’ Donuts because it’s convenient. Some day, I’ll have the built-in espresso maker in the kitchen. Until then, I’ll drink it in whatever form I can get it. As long as it’s not instant. Or flavoured.

Twosome: I’m even more of a tea snob than a coffee snob. I don’t remember the last time I used a tea bag in my own house. My personal favorites are Chinese: Gunpowder, Lung Ching, Lapsong Souchong and Pu’er are in my personal stash. Now that we’re moving into the Autumn, I’ve been drinking more tea, brewing almost every morning for the drive to work. And brewing again in the evening to help calm down before bed.

Threesome: How can you choose a favourite beverage? So many good things, so many moods, so many times of day, so many reasons to drink. What’s better than a big glass of ice-cold milk with Oreos? Or a cold beer after mowing the lawn? Or hot chocolate after shoveling snow? Or a nice Port after a fancy dinner? As long as there’s no coconut or hazelnut, it’s all good.

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