Alphabetical Promptings (A)

If I’m going to write here and get things out of my head, I need to force myself to actually write. If this ends up being crud dumped out, I’m pretty sure I could have done that with a crayon and a napkin. No, I want to kind if make sense of me.

So I’m going to work towards writing something everyday for twenty-six days. It’s baby steps, to be sure, but either I make a commitment or I need to stop piddling around.

I’m going to start with an “A to Z” meme, writing something every day, based on the next letter in the alphabet.

And today is “A.”

Alps. I miss living in Switzerland. I miss looking out the window and seeing snow-covered peaks. I miss skiing in St. Moritz. And the worst part of the missing is knowing that I can’t go back. That part of my life is over now and I’ve got other things to occupy my time. I wish I could take my kids and show them just how incredible and varied the world is, instead of telling them (and I’m pretty sure they aren’t listening half the time, either). It’s hard to stop living in the past when you had too many grand adventures at too young an age.

Autumn. I think this is my favourite time of the year. I can do without the seasonal allergies, but I love the changing weather. Getting up and putting on a sweatshirt and a pair of shorts to head out to a morning football game is great! Add in a nice, hot cup of coffee or freshly brewed tea and the day is off to a grand start. More soups and stews and (maybe this year) fresh bread. I can overlook the early darkness because I like the rest of the season so much.

Apples. ok, so technically this could fall under Autumn, as well, but I’m alphabetically challenged as I get started. There are so many varieties and so many different flavours. Today I bought Macintoshes and some Gouda – I love crisp apples and soft cheese. The boys love apple crisp more than apples, but adding in sugar and cinnamon and everything else hides the apple’s character. No snap, no crunch, no juices, no fun. Sure, it’s delicious in it’s own way, but apples are so good on their own merit.

Afghanistan. Another oddity. When you think of things beginning with the letter A, of which you think fondly, Afghanistan probably isn’t too high on most people’s lists. I’ve been home ten months now and I still think about it every day. I spent my entire deployment in Kabul, which was completely unlike anyone else’s deployments I’ve heard about. No IEDs, no snipers, no ambushes. I spent time in a once-great city, overwhelmed by the huge number of people looking to escape the horrors of war or seeking a new, exciting life or wanting to make a difference (positive or negative). A city with infrastructure for 750,000 people and a population of somewhere north of 3,000,000. Sure, I encountered some who had no use for us there, but there were significantly more who either liked us for what we did or didn’t care and just wanted to live their life. I miss walking through the marketplace buying fruits and nuts, visiting restaurants (mostly to-go) and, strangely enough, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I love being home with my family, but I still miss being there.

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