Alphabetical Promptings (C)

And tonight I continue with the letter C.

Chianti. Who doesn’t like Chianti? It’s no surprise to me because I seem to have a thing for pretty much everything which comes out of Tuscany. It all goes back to Ernest and Giulio Gallo and the straw-wrapped bottles I remember from the 70s. I can’t remember my parents having any other wines; I’m sure they did have a greater variety, but nothing else is quite so distinctive. Nowadays, Chianti is significantly classier on the marketing side. Super Tuscans and Chianti Classicos and Riservas are all fancy ways to raise the price. The wine is still fantastico.

Children. I like kids. Whenever we do the big family get-togethers, I gravitate to the kids; it’s like I’m a built-in babysitter. And it gets me out of moving furniture or setting tables or taking out trash. I freely admit to being a social misfit who is uncomfortable making small talk, so hanging with the ankle biters spares me the agony of chit-chat. And the kids are fun! Would I rather spend hours discussing the economy or what I think needs to happen in Afghanistan? Or would it be more fun to talk about, well, nothing? No stress and everyone leaves laughing. And then there are my kids. Baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, swimming, karate, watching movies, tickle-mania, watching them figure things out, going to the aquarium, watching them grow into mature young men. Children are one of the best things in life.

Coffee. Like I really need to belabor this point. Fresh-brewed, espresso, cappuccino, French press – it’s all good. Coffee needs to be hot (never iced) and coffee-flavoured (never hazelnut or any other ridiculous thing). coffee is delightful as is. Whether Turkish or Greek or Arabic or Portuguese, I love it all. My favorite variety of regular coffee is Kenyan AAA, but I’d rather start the day with an espresso or two. Mid-morning cappuccinos. After dinner coffee. Oh, so good.

When will this get easier? A was pretty easy and fun to do. B was trickier. C was hard to write. Picking a few things to write about is the easy part, but filling in the blanks is getting tougher. Somewhere there’s a break point, or Z will be nigh on impossible. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I know enough Z words to finish the writings. But that’s quite a bit down the road. For now, I’ll just start pondering D.

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