Alphabetical Promptings (F)

I missed yesterday’s writing because I was absolutely exhausted. I went to bed about an hour and a half before my kids, so today I feel much better.

Fresh. Fresh things are good things. Who doesn’t like fresh sheets on a crisp evening? And what could be better than fresh fruit? A fresh breeze to clear out the winter doldrums? Fresh snow on Christmas morning? A fresh cup of coffee on a busy day? Fresh perspective after a nice vacation? I like freshness.

Festivals. I’m not all that religious, but I do enjoy a good festival, especially if it’s tied to a saint. Italian festivals, generally speaking, have fantastic food. Irish festivals have great beer. German festivals have, well, both. I’m not usually a big fan of crowds, but I like people-watching when they’re all in a good mood. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s colorful. I want to go to the Palio in Siena and go back to Oktoberfest in Munich. And I want my wife and kids to see the fun, too.

Football. Real football. What we in the US generally call soccer. Sure, it can seem slow-paced, but if you know what you’re watching, you can see the strategies developing, the passes realigning the field, the human chess match putting the right foot at the right spot. I can’t pick just one favorite team: Liverpool in England, Celtic in Scotland, Sligo in Ireland, Bayern Munich in Germany and Monaco in France. I never developed a taste for Spanish or Portuguese soccer, though I do enjoy seeing their teams in Champion’s League and UEFA Cup matches.

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