Alphabetical Promptings (G)

Another day, another letter. G is great. G is groovy.

Golf. What I do can’t really be called golf. I do enjoy walking around with a few friends, enjoying the fresh air, enjoying a few beers and enjoying the scenery. It’s fun, and I can see how people get kind of obsessive about the sport; it’s all about personal skill. I’ve even gotten tweaked about my performance when I shank a drive or tweak a putt. I have family and friends who take golf way too seriously, so I try not to antagonize them by being so flip. Still, nothing ruins golf faster than someone pulling out a score card.

Gladiators. The part of my which is permanently 15 has always liked gladiators. There are hordes of gladiator movies and thousands of pages of recorded history to reference, but I just like the cool costumes and the senseless violence. When you take a good, long, historical look, the concept is cruel and barbaric – death as entertainment is not a cool concept. But from a cathartic, disassociated point of view, gladiators invariably make me feel better after a long day of drudgery.

Gobstoppers. Mmm, candy. And it’s even better when you can take it out of your mouth and see a different color of candy every minute. Again, it’s part of my juvenile side to live what is essentially a ball of sugar with a half dozen layers of food coloring. And now I’ve got a craving for candy, with none in the house. Damn.

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