About Me

I’m not good at this type of thing. I’m better at editing, so this will change in a few days.

As it stands, I’m big on maintaining my anonymity because as soon as I feel like someone knows me, I start to limit myself by how I think they view me. And right now, I have too much I need to get out of my head to want to filter myself.

Some of this will be about the stressors in my life and some of this will be things to try to make me think differently. And I imagine it will be about something else, more or less. Eventually, I hope to know what that is.

I guess I’ll wait and see.


1 thought on “About Me

  1. I have stage 4 melanoma and have been NED ( no evidence of disease) for 2 years 9 months so far. Consider you get into a clinical trial that uses Anti PD 1. It’s the best thing going right now and everyone is trying to find slots to get into. The drug is also known as BMS-936558 or MDX 1106….and Merck has one called Merck 3475….both are monoclonal antibodies. Also suggest you co to cancer.gov and click on clinical trials. Also if you go to Facebook we have a group of over 400 members most are patients and a few are caregivers…all talking about their trials and experiences. Its called Bad Ass Melanoma Warriors. Good Luck in whatever you do….One thing about the anti pd 1 trials…if you have brain mets- those would need to be stable first,

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