The Saga Continues

Yesterday, I made a last-minute appointment with my dermatologist, nominally to have a look at my infections. I also had her do the whole full body scan, which I had scheduled for next week. Two birds, one stone.

So she took a look at my infections and she was satisfied with the variety of antibiotics. But she added a topical steroid to the mix, and two different moisturizers – a cream and a gel. At least my skin will be moist. My clothes will be moist, too. She did a culture of the infection which kind of looks like herpes (the kind that causes shingles, not the STD) so we’ll find out what it is soon enough.

Right now, everything is on hold. I can’t wrap my leg to start treating the lymphedema. I can’t learn how to give myself injections. All I can do is take antibiotics, dab on steroids and slather on moisturizer. And hope everything starts to clear up before the weekend. The longer all this lingers, the longer it takes to get through the process and figure out what my new “normal” looks like.

I’ve now got a refrigerator full of interferon and a bag full of hypodermic needles just waiting for the doctor to tell me to get to work.

In order to keep my sanity, I’ve been really good with keeping my focus on just the one issue at the forefront. It’s too hard to try to worry about three or four different things, with a dozen different variables. Right now, all I should be thinking about is getting over my infections. Unfortunately, my mind is wandering to other issues. What will the Medical Duty Review Board say about my lymphedema? Will I be able to stay in the military? Will I be medically retired or discharged? It matters because the retirement means more money. Oh, and then I need to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life, since I’ll still need to have a job. I’m spending way too much time worrying about losing my job when I need to focus on infections.

I just need to get my head screwed on straight and get my focus back. After that, the rest will fall into place.

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