Alphabetical Promptings (D)

Delightful, delicious, devilish, disco, devastating, dumb.

Just dropping a list of D words doesn’t fulfill the obligation to write something every day. So where do I go from here?

Devils. This will be the year the New Jersey Devils finally get back to challenging for the Stanley Cup. But that’s nothing to write about. What’s more interesting is the concept of angels and devils. I’m not sure if I subscribe to the theory that devils are inherently evil. I kind of like Milton’s version where they are angels who didn’t like the way they were treated in Heaven. “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.” If you’re willing to sacrifice some measure of comfort and safety, you can choose exactly how you want to live. Not for nothing, but that sounds … Interesting? Exciting? When you feel like you’re trapped in a gilded birdcage, things like that can sound appealing.

Doughnuts. Or donuts. It doesn’t matter how you spell it, they’re tasty. Now that we’re into Autumn, what could be better than running out early to pick up a dozen donuts for the kids? Well, one or two for the kids and the rest for me. Double chocolate is good, as are the classic Glazed, blueberry cake is solid and powdered sugar is divine. What could be better than fresh donuts and coffee at a Saturday morning flag football game? Well, my son’s team finally winning a game would be delightful.

Hey hey, I survived another letter! Only twenty-two more to go.

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