Alphabetical Promptings (E)

And the quest for better writing continues.

Education. Without an education, you’ve got nothing. When was in school I had things pretty easy. I rarely studied and always did well. I wasn’t challenged, so I found ways to entertain myself. It wasn’t until my last two years of high school that I was academically challenged, but by then it was too late to learn how to study. When you most need to learn the lesson of the importance of education, you’re too bone-headed to listen. If only I had worked harder or studied more or tried harder classes! My sister didn’t put too much stock in education until she graduated from high school and tried to get a job. Eventually, she figured it out, went back to school, got a Bachelor’s degree, got a Master’s degree and is now a productive member of society, raising two boys quite well. She figured it out. Now, I’m struggling to convince my boys how important school is and they don’t get it. Maybe some day.

Energy. Ch’i. Qi. I’ve had some serious energy flow issues over the past year. While I was deployed, I always seemed to start the day with good energy, but I was near exhaustion by 3:30. I rarely had the energy to exercise (maybe that’s why I had no energy). once I got home, I wasn’t tired at normal times. Still, almost a year later, I end up wide awake until after midnight and the alarm still goes off at 5:30. When I start the day with energy, it seems to flow away too quickly for me to use it. And when I have none, I can’t find any way to recharge. I have enough to get me through the day and take care of my family, but nothing more. I need to change my batteries or something. Or maybe our Feng Shui is out of kilter.

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