Alphabetical Promptings (H)

The downside to typing on an iPad is that I don’t know how to save things. I just lost this entire entry. After an hour and a half of writing. Damn. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Since it’s overdue, let’s just talk about history.

I think the big draw for me is that understanding history helps put modern life in a context. I think it’s a Bible quote: there is nothing new under the sun; so understanding the past provides insight into the future. How have similar issues been resolved? Could we do better? What can we learn from others’ mistakes?

Then there’s the part of me which sees history as the benchmark for how to do things. My Regiment was formed in December 1636 – 375 years of service to the Commonwealth and the nation. Six Colonial wars before there was even a United States. Soldiers who served in every war this nation has had. Leaders like John Winthrop and Miles Standish. When we deployed, I admit I lost sleep over whether or not I could live up to the standards and traditions of the Regiment. I wasn’t just serving with the 400 who deployed, but the thousands who came before.

History is what gives everything meaning. History is what allows us to differentiate the mundane from the significant. History helps us to understand why we are here. Thank God for history.

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